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Loose Lips Sink Ships (Gossip Pt. 2)

I’m going to start out this blog post with a huge task for you. Think about every conversation you’ve had today. What percentage of those conversations could be defined as gossiping, whether negative or positive? You might be surprised to find that, according to two different studies from the ’90s, about two-thirds of conversations between … Continue reading

The Bonds in Poetry (And Gossip?)

The point is, well, his point, which after ten long minutes he came to abruptly, and with a flourish, saying slowly and in perfect seriousness, “All we are is dust in the wind. All we are. Is dust. In the wind.” -From “The Talker” by Chelsea Rathburn The rest of this poem continues about how … Continue reading

Invisible Illness Week

The week of September 9-15 is Invisible Illness Week, a time to advocate for those living with a chronic illness (including mental health issues) which no one can physically see the demands of. Just a few facts: Approximately 96% of people who live with an illness have an illness that is invisible. These people do … Continue reading

Gratitude: A Daily Occurrence

When I was younger and being especially rotten or throwing a pity party for seemingly no reason, my grandmother liked to use the phrase which so many of us have heard before: Count your blessings. (Of course, if I remember correctly, she sometimes added a hickory switch to those wise words.) As I’ve grown owner, … Continue reading

Climb Aboard the Blog of Psychology!

Posts will be arriving shortly. For now, you can check out our “About” page to understand what the blog will be conjuring up for you soon. To get the ball rolling, I’d also like to share an extremely super important video with everyone involving some characters you might find familiar. -Chelsea a.k.a. psychfever

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